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Everything you need to know about sewing so you can fully enjoy your hobby.

The place where to learn everything you need to know about sewing so you can fully enjoy your hobby, including guides on how to choose sewing material, reviews of the best available models, and ideas for new crafts to try next.

We believe that sewing is a great hobby that anyone can enjoy, and we’re here to help you get the most out of it.

Our team of experts has over 30 years of experience in the sewing industry, and we’re passionate about sharing our knowledge with the sewing community. We know that there’s a lot to learn, and we’re here to help you every step of the way.

Our guides will help you choose the right sewing material, review the best models available, and give you ideas for new crafts to try next. So whether you’re a beginner just starting out, or an experienced sewist looking for new inspiration, we’ve got you covered.

Who is behind this site!

Sarah Williams – Founder and Sewing expert

Meet Sarah Williams, the founder and lead sewing expert at Sewingbasic.com!

Sarah has been a seamstress for over 20 years. During this time, she has gained extensive knowledge about various kinds of sewing machines and techniques.

Her expertise and experience have allowed her to create detailed reviews and tutorials that cover all aspects of sewing from beginner level to advanced.

Emma Smith – Sewing Technician

Emma has been a sewing technician for the past 10 years. She specializes in repair and maintenance of all types of home machines.

With her help, she is able to provide technical insight into all the reviews written on this site.

James Williams – Sewing Enthusiast

Michael is a passionate sewing enthusiast who loves to experiment and learn new techniques.

He has been working with different kinds of fabrics for the past 5 years and has become quite knowledgeable on various colors, materials, tools, etc.

His knowledge helps make our guides more informative and helpful for all types of readers.

Jeannie King – Quilter Extraordinaire

When it comes to quilting, Jeannie is a true master! She has been quilting ever since she was a child and her passion has only grown over the years. Her expertise covers various techniques involved in creating beautiful quilts with different colors and patterns. With her help, we are able to create detailed tutorials for quilting enthusiasts.

These experts have come together to form Sewingbasic.com – a place where you can find helpful resources on all types of sewing techniques, tools, and machines.